Teste Seu Inglês (a2_2)
Responda o questionário abaixo, por favor.
When is your birthday?
What are you going to give your friend for his birthday?
Are you __________ your mother something special for mother's day?
What _____ you going to do on your next birthday?
On New Year's Eve people usually:
On Graduation Day, people usually:
On Halloween, people usually:
On their Wedding Day, people usually:
What are you going to do for New Year's Eve?
Be careful on the road. They say it __________ .
There will be dancing and stuff. And stuff here refers to:
I lived in Piracicaba ______ I was seven.
My mother ________ in Spain.
_______ your father ______ in São Paulo?
Where did you grow up?
_______ your mother ______ a job?
I was born ______ 1981.
How long did you live in Rio de Janeiro?
_______ my friends speak English.
________ students go to college.
_______ my friends speak Japanese.
If you take choir, you:
I was good ______ math.
I wasn't interested _____ chemistry.
If you sneak out of school, you:
If you quit school, you:
_______ a bank near here.
__________ bakeries nearby?
Is there a park around here?
Are there any bookstores near here?
Where is the nearest post office?
To go to the bank you need to go ahead for four blocks and then:
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Is there an Indian restaurant nere here?
_______ ATMs nearby?
There are ______ restaurants near here.
The bank is ________ the shoe store and the candy store.
Did you get good grades ______ history?
Track and field are part of which school subject?
_______ us took calculus.
______ students in Brazil learn to speak Spanish.
I played the guitar ______ 10 years.
Who _______ your best friend in high school?
When is your brother's birthday?
When do Americans celebrate Halloween?
How old is your wife going to ______ on her next birthday?
Is your mother going to ______ a cake for your birthday?
On their birthdays people usually:
Are we going to have an end-of-year party?
What are you going to do on your next birthday?
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