Teste Seu Inglês (a2_3)
Responda o question√°rio abaixo, por favor.
I need to go a bookstore ________
Check the correct setence:
Check the correct sentence:
Check the correct sentence:
Check the correct sentence:
A tram is:
A manor is:
If you want to go swimming, you will need:
If you want to shave, you will need:
Where do you keep your books?
Whose book is this?
Whose workbooks are those?
My father keeps _____ keys on an end-table.
Your house is big. ______ is small.
A friend of _____ is a singer.
Where can you find a faucet?
Where can you find a sink?
Where can you find a nightstand?
Where can you find a coffee table?
Which mirror do you prefer?
Which speakers do you prefer?
Check the correct sentence:
Check the correct sentece:
Do you mind if I open the window?
Would you mind closing the door?
If you buy a brand new refrigerator, you:
If you rinse the dishes, you:
What can you iron?
I _____ my car when I ________ to work.
My parents _______ the food because they ______ TV.
What ____ you ____ when the lights _____ out?
He _____ his leg when he _______.
I cut _____ while I was making dinner.
My friends hurt _____ while they were skateboarding.
What were you doing when you sprained your ankle?
I burned myself on the stove.
I got a black eye.
What does "every cloud has a silver lining" mean?
You can see a beautiful sunset in the:
You can see a beautiful sunrise in the:
If you can't afford to buy a new car, you:
If you feel grumpy, you feel:
If you take painkillers, you take medicine for:
How _____ you _____ that black eye?
I felt embarrassed when _____ into a tree.
If you like to study alone, you like to study:
I'm going camping, so I need to get:
______ camera is that?
I walked into a glass door while I was trying to impress a girl.
I always listen to music ___ the train.
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