Teste Seu Inglês (a2_4)
Responda o question√°rio abaixo, por favor.
Texting is __________ calling.
A business trip is ____________ a video conference.
Regular mail is _________ email.
Video conferances are __________ trips.
Calling is _______ texting.
E-cards are ________ real cards.
On the phone: What can you say when you can't hear the other person very well?
On the phone: What can you say when the call suddenly ends?
I get _____ phone calls than my wife.
I spend _____ time online than my friends.
Mary talks ______ than Joan.
What does "wonder" mean?
What does "caught my eye" mean?
In "textese", what does SUP stand for?
What does your brother look like?
A: ______ is your mother? B: She's 5 foot 2.
______ do you look like? Your father or your mother?
Who _______ blond hair in your family?
Do any of your friends ______ someone famous?
Mary is the girl _______ the window.
John is the tall man _______ a black jacket.
Carl is the short boy _____ glasses.
What do you call those pants with lots of pockets?
What do you call those things some people wear on their teeth?
My friends pulls her hair back, in a.... What do you call that?
My cousin has those little spots on her face. What do you call those?
My father has hair on his face. What do you call that?
If something is fashionable, it is:
I guess ______ buy a new car next year.
We ______ to meet at the restaurant.
I ______ probably move to a new house.
When I ________ I ________ a job.
I _________ to the beach after I _______.
If I ________ a new job, I ________ a new car.
Before this semester _____ over, I hope I ______ fluent.
We have to be at the airport at 5am.
Do you think it might rain?
Laptops are gettiing _______
If you are a letter carrier, you work at a:
If you are a carpenter, you build:
If you a plumber, you fix:
If you have a shaved head, you:
You text LOL to a friend, it means you:
If people are identical twins, they look:
If your friend is heavy, he is:
My friends has a funny little beard on his chin. What do you call that?
If you keep up with the latest fashion, you:
Check the correct sentence:
A librarian works at a:
If you ________ help with your homework, I ______ you.
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