Teste Seu Inglês (b1_1)
Responda o questionário abaixo, por favor.
If you are a reckless driver, you:
If you have a tight deadline, you:
I drive ________
I get _______ in long lines.
People drive ______.
I don't play soccer ______.
I ________ slow down in heavy traffic.
Some people are ______ drivers.
If you are relaxed about life, you are:
If you handle small problems well, you are:
If people can count on you, you are:
The opposite of patient is:
The opposite of considerate is:
The aopposite of friendly is:
The opposite of polite is:
My friend is always late.
Winning is very important to me, I'm ______
My cousin is quite unreliable, she is always _________
If you are humble, you:
Check the correct sentence.
Check the correct sentence.
I have already _______ a ghost.
I ______ a lot last year.
I ______ a lot in the last year.
She ________ a new car.
______ you ______ anything fun last Saturday?
_______ she _______ on a roller coaster?
I have met Jennifer Aniston.
I play the guitar.
I went to the movies yesterday.
If you go sightseeing, you:
A bus is _____ than a car.
Portuguese is _____ than Japanese.
São Paulo is _______ city in Brazil.
Harvard is _______ university in the US.
Joanna is ________ girl in the classroom.
How _____ is Mount Everest?
How _____ is the Sahara Desert?
We should visit Ibirapuera Park.
This is the most beautiful beach!
You can see the biggest animals.
These trees are the tallest in the country.
If an event happens annually, it happens:
An inhabitant is someone who:
A towering building is:
I eat _____.
I can draw ______
Have you ever ______ snails?
______ you ______ soccer as a child?
Hunger Games is ______ movie I ________ in my life.
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