Teste Seu Inglês (b2_1)
Responda o question√°rio abaixo, por favor.
What book ____ you ______ currently?
Where ____ you _____ on your last vacation?
_____ you _____ to the UK?
I _____ never _____ in Europe.
I've considered ______ Japanese.
My company offered ______ me to England.
I'm planning on ____ to the country.
I miss _____ in Ireland.
I've spent hours _____ for my math test.
I've decided _____ a new house.
How did you end up ______ the job?
I've stopped _______ (I don't smoke anymore)
I remebered ______ the doctor. (I didn't forget)
I intend ______ to Australia.
I'm thinking about ______ a dog.
What does "tentative" mean?
What does "pick yourself up" mean?
What does "overcome an obstacle" mean?
If you have the drive, you can achieve your goals. What does "drive" mean here?
I never agree ______ money to friends.
My hair is short. My sister's hair is long.
Mary's clothes are stylish. Joanna's are stylish, too.
I care about my appearance. My brother doesn't.
Women get haircuts once a month. Men get haircuts every three months.
Mary studies hard. John also studies hard.
I don't wear as _____ bright colors as you.
I pay as _____ attention to fashion as you.
I have a _____ shirt.
I don't like _____ jeans.
I prefer _____ sweaters.
"My friends has a broad taste in music" means:
Claire is really choosy.
Mark has a huge music collection.
What does "flip through a magazine" mean?
What does "fabric" mean?
What is a didgeriddo?
What's the correct form of the passive voice?
What's the correct form of the passive voice?
What's the correct form of the passive voice?
________ in line is rude.
It's not customary ________ cab drivers.
You can annoy people by ______ on the subway.
Check the correct option.
Check the correct option.
Check the correct option.
In Japan, ______ is customary.
Check the correct option.
I expect ______ a new job next year.
I don't mind _____ to the supermarket.
What ____ you _____ for a living?
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