Teste Seu Inglês (b2_4)
Responda o question√°rio abaixo, por favor.
What does "lucky break" mean?
If John _______ in school, he _______ a better job.
What would have happened if he had moved to Europe?
She met her husband in the party. If she ________ to that party, she __________ her husband-to-be.
They _________ a better time in the US if they ________ English classes.
Lana is becoming famous and popular very fast, she is:
Angelina Jolie is always in magazines and newspapers. She:
If your career takes off, you:
If you get bad press, you:
The new Star Wars movie is amazing, ________
You like horror movies, ________
Johnny Depp won the Oscar, _______
She hasn't been in a lot of movies, _______
Brad Pitt wasn't in the headlines last year, _______
If a star is under the scrutiny of the media, she/he is:
If a movie is a blockbuster, it:
If an actor plays a part in a movie, he/she:
Check the correct form of the passive voice.
Check the correct form of the passive voice.
Check the correct form of the passive voice.
Check the correct form of the passive voice.
Check the correct form of the passive voice.
The trash is taken to:
Lack of rain is known as:
If packaging is biodegradable, it:
I buy rechargeable batteries __________ the extra cost.
________ cars cause air pollution, I try to take public transportation.
I recycle cans ______ throwing them in the trash.
_______ cut down on paper use, get your bills delivered online.
Cities are being affected by air pollution _____ efforts to improve air quality.
If you become an instant success, you:
A novel is:
A record label is a company that:
If there is a water shortage, there:
How can I get an internship?
I don't know how to choose my career.
In five years' time, I _______ in Ireland.
By the time I graduate, I _________ a job.
I hope that in two years I _______ in this city.
I hope by the time I'm 70, I ________
If you ace an interview, you:
If something draws you, it:
If a question stumps you, it:
If a profession is tough, it is:
If you are suited for a job, this job:
Being a doctor is a rewarding job _______ the long hours.
By 2030 we ______ new ways to save energy.
You have been studying English for 4 years, _______
Stockbrokers are under stress _______ the constant changes in the market.
If something decays, or breaks down into simple elements, it:
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