Teste Seu Inglês (grammar_3)
Responda o question√°rio abaixo, por favor.
The sentence "My sister used to tease me a lot." expresses...
Your friend asks you "How do you say 'O que você fazia quando você era criança?'". Your answer is...
When I was at school ________ with my friends every Saturday.
What did you like to do whenever you visited your grandparents?
My mother was great. She ______ make _______ for us.
My sister and I ______ play ______ together.
My family ___________ on TV.
My parents ____________ on weekends.
My family used to go __________ in the summer.
Until 5 years ago, Sarah always ___________ on Sundays.
My happiest memory is of my brother. _____________________.
___________________________ but now I do.
My mother_______________ but now _______ anymore.
Mark the most suitable alternative:
Mark the most suitable alternative:
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